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Glaucoma NZ

GGlaucoma NZ Lowes and Partnerslaucoma NZ is a charitable trust to eliminate blindness from glaucoma. Glaucoma is the number one preventable cause of blindness in New Zealand. Although glaucoma cannot be prevented, blindness from glaucoma can be limited by early detection and appropriate treatment.


View the website at www.glaucoma.org.nz

Retina NZ

RRetina NZ Lowes and Partnersetina New Zealand Inc. is a voluntary organisation of and for people with retinal disorders. They promote and foster public awareness, information about retinal disorders, support by and for people with retinal disorders and research.


View the website at www.retina.org.nz

Keratoconus NZ

KKeratoconus NZ Lowes and Partnerseratoconus NZ is an information site produced by experienced keratoconus practitioner Peter Walker.

It was developed for people with keratoconus and their families to gain a deeper understanding of the condition.


View the website at www.kcnz.co.nz

How Ortho-K Works

 How Ortho-K Works Lowes and Partners

Scleral Lens Insertion

Scleral Lens Insertion Lowes and Partners 

View power point presentation

How To Use a Scleral Lens